Spring Cleaning Your Closet

By on April 19, 2013

Kate Bosworth's Closet

How many pairs of jeans do you own? Black pants? Which ones are considered “favorites” and make the weekly rotation? Not many, according to The Cut’s “You Only Wear 20 Percent of Your Wardrobe Regularly.” The article exposes our deepest, darkest fashion secret – if the shoe fits, we wear it to death regardless of the brand new ones in the back of the closet. Weeding through your wardrobe can be a daunting experience, especially when you find clothes hanging rather lonely with tags still attached. A rule of thumb for one of our BeautyGrls is to don all those maybe-I-might-wear-this-again clothes before she ditches them at Goodwill. We get great laughs when she parades around the office in yellow rain boots, 80s-inspired mini and purple pea coat.

Nicki Minaj worst dressed

Rest easy, fellow fashionistas, that image does not need to be you! A spring cleaning strategy has arrived – Olive You Boutique’s Katie Brandenburg believes organizing your closet at the beginning of a new season will open your eyes to creating a wardrobe “spin” that is on target with style trends. Before you toss anything into the fashion circular file, Brandenburg suggests keeping classics to help save on new purchases:


1) Colored pants are trending – shorts, crops or full-length pants are perfect to pair with daring patterns including animal prints and bold designs. Add a cheetah-print scarf or belt for a colorful boost.


2) Florals, polka dots and stripes are spring wardrobe essentials and look fabuleux when paired with colored denim, pencil skirt or white jeans.


3) Statement necklaces are not fading out any time soon. Chunky necklaces came onto the catwalk radar last year and are predicted to stay trending. These bigger-than-life pieces take any ensemble from simple to daring.

Jessica Alba

4) Keep your basics! Everyone needs white t-shirts and simple blouses. Dress them up with a black pencil skirt, colored jeans or flirty accessories.